A Day In The Life Of A Public Health Consultant

As an avid blog reader, I always enjoy “a day in the life” and “a photo every hour” type posts. I love to see what people are up to! So I thought it would be fun to take you all along for the day with me. These photos are from last Thursday, June 13, 2019.

Good Morning!!

Good Morning!!

I wouldn’t classify myself as a super early riser. I know some people get up at 4:30/5am and do 100 things before breakfast…I am not one of those people. I tend to wake up between 6-6:30am and depending on when my 5 year old wakes up, I may or may not have a little quiet time before the busy morning starts.

On this particular morning I had breakfast and got moving more quickly because I wanted to get some work done before my husband needed to start his day. Our son is between school and camp for a few weeks, so we are tag teaming childcare and work.


Not shown: my breakfast of waffles and bananas. I do not drink coffee. Many people find that hard to believe with a young child :)

I work from my home office, so the commute is lovely! I worked from 7:45-8:45am on some final prep for the day’s calls and getting my to do list updated for the rest of the week. While I appreciate Google and Outlook, I LOVE my paper planner! There is something so satisfying about handwriting an item and crossing it off.

Time for Call #1

Time for Call #1

Waiting for fabulous mastermind group to sign onto Zoom

Waiting for fabulous mastermind group to sign onto Zoom

From 9:30-10:30am I had my biweekly mastermind call. These are so fun and I always look forward to them. For those unfamiliar with masterminds, they are small groups (typically 5-8 people) where you meet to offer peer support, business ideas, and accountability for the goals you set. I organize this group and meet with 5 other public health consultants. I’ll be recruiting another group for 2020, so contact me with questions!


After our call I had time to check the mail and was so excited that “Company of One” by Paul Jarvis arrived! I am a fan of Paul’s podcasts Company of One and Creative Class, so I look forward to diving into this book. As a consultant, you are always focused on professional development- both on the public health side and the business side. So I always have a long list of books and podcasts in the queue.

Time for Call #2

Time for Call #2

After an early lunch, I had my second call of the day. Up to this point most of my services have been group-based (e.g., networking and mastermind groups), but I’ve been getting a lot of requests for 1-1 support. So I am piloting individual strategy sessions to help new or aspiring public health consultants. The pilot sessions are available this summer to people on my newsletter or course lists. I hope to offer them more broadly in the near future…if you’re interested please let me know!


After my second call, I quickly made the switch to “mom life” (this is why I love my flexible work from home schedule!) I spent an hour with my son at swimming lessons.


After swimming I was able to jump back online and work for a bit longer. My first guest podcast interview launched this week. As a result, I had an increase in email, LinkedIn, and social media messages, so I spent some time responding to the messages and new followers on Twitter and Instagram. I try and give myself a time limit (e.g., 30 minutes) on social media for tasks like this because otherwise it’s easy to get sucked into a black hole of scrolling!


Next week my days will look different! Instead of more calls and meetings, I cleared my schedule to start work on a big webinar presentation I’m giving in July (I’ll share details on this very soon!)

I hope this post was fun to see!

Comment Below: I’d love to hear what your day looks like.

Is it pretty consistent day-to-day? Or does it vary? Do you spend a lot of time with others on calls and attending meetings? Or do you tend to work solo? Anyone else juggling kids home for the summer?

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