Mastermind Interest List

Thanks for your interest in my upcoming mastermind groups! These accountability groups offer months of structured support, goal setting, problem solving, strategizing and action taking with an intimate group of public health entrepreneurs!

Please note that mastermind members must be established public health consultants and entrepreneurs who have been operating their businesses for a minimum of six months. The value of a mastermind comes from the peer-to-peer learning, so it is most appropriate for business owners who are past the initial start-up phase. Group members can be operating their businesses part-time or full-time.

I welcome the following professionals to apply: consultants, freelance writers, grant writers, public health dietitians, program evaluators, online course developers, trainers and meeting facilitators, podcasters, bloggers, and health coaches.

Please enter your information below so that I can contact you when the mastermind application opens on November 13, 2019.

The next mastermind group will run Mid-January to Mid-July 2020.

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